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  1. Thanks you all for the Congratulations to Sgt. It means a lot. I am glad i am back and going to work extra hard. If you guys ever need anything hit me up. I am happy to help!! 🙂❤️ 

  2. Hey Y'all, I am thankful for everyone that has been involved in my DOJ Life and supporting me all the way!!! I have moved to Highway for personal and reasons that I do not want to disclose. But i am enjoying SAHP and i would like to thank everyone in the HP Department and Staff and Command in HP For the awesome experience. This is not my goodbye message this is a message of appreciation to everyone and I am just loving my life and DOJ is just making it better. ❤️ 🙂 

  3. Thank you all for being the best people you could ever be! Even though i am staff now dosent mean that I wont be there for you. I will be here for all of you, hit me up if yall need any help ❤️ 

    1. Shane A. Civ-207

      Shane A. Civ-207

      Congratulations mate, couldn’t be more happy to see you as a staff member of PD & DOJ!

    2. Dan L. 5D-409

      Dan L. 5D-409

      You got staff?

  4. I would like to thank all LSPD Staff and Members in the DOJ for the best experience i could ever get, do not freak out, i am not leaving just wanted to put it out there. Love you guys! 


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