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  1. Hey Austin...it’s telling me for some reason I can’t send message or respond to you. Idk why it let me respond that one time but now it just keeps saying I can’t view this and can’t send messages 

    1. Rob G. 5D-247

      Rob G. 5D-247

      Also I’m trying to figure out what “user files 10.0“ means exactly. Thanks man! 

    2. Austin B. 5D-174

      Austin B. 5D-174

      Message me on discord @ Austin B. 5D-174#6969

    3. Rob G. 5D-247

      Rob G. 5D-247

      I added you as a friend not sure how to DM someone you are not friends with. Your account wont come up. Mine is R.Gala#8335


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