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  1. Soo BCSO is the best and don’t @ me! 

    1. Tyler S. 2L-87

      Tyler S. 2L-87

      @Austin C. 3C-30 soooo PD is the best and don't @ me!

  2. Saw u in polecat video hope they accept me 🙏🏻

    1. Nik 2b 45

      Nik 2b 45

      I am 25 years old  can I join  dojrp  when I get my gaming pc 

  3. I really hope they accept me saw u in polecats vid

  4. hey i am codey kautz i am ook for dojry for a polic eoffcer i am really call out name i need hep and i am make youtube plz help me out i will put u on my youtube vid


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