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  1. Doesn't let me send messages, but happy late birthday brother! Thanks for being kind while sitting in on my interview.

  2. until
    P.O.S.T. I - Scene Management/Crime Scene Prevention Peace Officer Standards And Training I Any LSPD officers wanting to participate, please RSVP if you can attend. This will be hosted by (Alfredo S. 2L-119) If you RSVP’d but cannot attend, please remove yourself and contact me as soon as possible. If you are late by more than fifteen minutes to this training you will be marked as absent, and forced to sign up for the next training. Please arrive in the Police Department Training - Waiting Room at least five minutes prior to the start of this training. OMP Instructor, or Civilian volunteer? Please message me prior to training to advise that you’re attending. Requirements: Make sure you can stay the entire duration of the training. LSPD officers that leave early will to have to restart the training at a different date. Make sure you have studied the materials for this POST class. Recommended- Review the POST study guides under the “continuing education” resource tab on Discord. What is P.O.S.T? Peace Officer Standards and Training aka POST is a series of different curriculum that sets forth a minimum education requirement set by the OMP for obtainment of a specific rank. POST 1-4 ensures that officers, as they grow in the LSPD, cannot only meet the challenges of today, but also those of the future. POST is there to ensure that when you get to specific ranks you have the knowledge needed to properly fulfill that rank, so POST will help train, assist, and ensure that all candidates for POST required ranks are knowledgeable, able, and 100% capable of taking on that rank. 4 Persons RSVP
  3. Good Evening Master Trooper,

    I have tried the link a few times to do the interview but I continue to receive an Error Host Message. Is there anyway you can assist me with this matter. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.



    1. Colt L.

      Colt L.

      message me on discord.

      profile will be Colt L. 5D-249#9149


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