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  1. Is there any possibility that we can get 3rd server rolling since there are a lot of people who still want to join
  2. Hello Tim:

    Question and request to attend under my circumstances.  I've attempted two times with failure on both.  First time my browser crashed and I couldn't complete the test in time.  I left my VPN on, so  I thought that to be the issue. Second time,it happened again, but I was able to quickly take the test again. 

    That time , yesterday, I failed with a 77.   I basically had 15 minutes to complete the test again because the browser froze up and took me back to the start with the last 15 minutes to go.

    Would you accept me in the class tomorrow morning to retake training and eval?  Due to the 24 hour waiting period, the class was at 7:30 MST and I failed it at 8:15. This class would put me at about a 22 hour waiting.  


    Would you accept me in your next class?

    1. Tim R. 5D-120

      Tim R. 5D-120

      Sorry to hear that, but I do not have any trainings tomorrow and you will need to wait 24 hours since this stands as a policy. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to ask one of the FTO Leads in the DoJ discord under chat questions-for-FTO-Lead.


      Kinds Regards,

      Tim R. 2L-100

    2. Ray M. 5D-293

      Ray M. 5D-293

      Sounds good. Thanks.

    3. Tim R. 5D-120

      Tim R. 5D-120

      Not a problem, if you have any other questions, feel free to DM me on Discord: Tim R. 2L-100#3943

  3. M8 I love your pics sooo much!
  4. Love that background and of course beautiful Taurus.

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