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  1. Hey Zach. Didn't know how else to get ahold of you but wanted to let you know I wont be able to make it to the training tonight. Hopefully, I will be able to catch another one soon.

  2. Hey, Zach. I had made a reservation for the LEO training for tomorrow at 4 pm but I am having to cancel due to a family emergency. I will sign up for the LEO training again when the next month's schedule is posted. Thanks!

  3. The Civ Training had to get rescheduled. 

    It will be tomorrow 30min earlier

  4. Hello Zach, I am registered with my university Disability Resource Center. I am happy to disclose my disability with you but I would rather do it in a private chat/forum instead of a public one. One of my accommodations is extra time on testing assignments, I am usually given double the time limit. Given this current test is 45 minutes, I would like to request more time in my individual case if that is possible? I am happy to meet with you in person on the DOJ TS if that works best for you. 


    Please let me know!





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    2. Zach W. 2L-60

      Zach W. 2L-60

      I wont be able to give you accommodations, sorry

    3. Arka M.

      Arka M.

      is there anyone who can? Like a sergeant or something? 

    4. Zach W. 2L-60

      Zach W. 2L-60

      I would if i could


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