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    At this time all LEO spots are filled. If you would like to join as LEO pleas post a comment and I will make a list. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Fire/EMS are still open for one more person.)
  2. until
    Halloween Murder Mystery When: Today 10 PM - 12AM Where: Mirror Park All full time and reserve Civ's are welcome. There is only limited space for LEOs and Fire/EMS However. The LEO and Fire and EMS positions will be limited to 3 LEOs and 2 Fire/EMS *Meaning two Fire OR EMS*. Those positions will be on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to join as a LEO or Fire or EMS you must RSVP. (Be sure to check who RSVPed already!) If you are a Civ who would like to join please feel free to post in the comments https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jhuK1xSPAdP-FUT0juSSogdGMq4MxEk86Yi31GwybBc/edit?usp=sharing IMPORTANT! With special permission from Civ Administration, If there are not enough Civs, LEO and Fire/EMS are allowed to join the event as a Civ! If there are any questions please contact myself ( Peter R. C-221 or Josh T. C-206 )

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