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  1. Engine 60 returning to station

    Engine 60 headed back to station after performing hydrant checks in the district.
  2. Brush 30 Scouting

    Brush 30 out scouting for any brush fires in the Mount Chiliad State Wilderness in the early morning.
  3. MVA on Route 68 and Panorama

    HART 1, Engine 30, Medic 30 all responded to an MVA on Route 68 cross of Panorama. Fuel was on the ground plus a person trapped inside the vehicle.
  4. Chiliad Wild Fire

    Station 3, HART 1 & 2, plus mutual aid from Station 2 for additional water supply, all responded to a growing wild fire at Mount Chiliad State Wilderness. The fire was growing steadily to the southeast causing Brush 30 to go to FireHawk 1 for an aerial view plus three water drops. Small fire were all extinguished before all firefighters on scene were called for rehab at HART 2.
  5. Medic, Engine, and Chief 70 are all returning to quarters after a car drove off a cliff into a small river.
  6. Medic 70 headed back to station

    Medic 70 returning to Station 7 after a call that ended in an ALS transport to Zonah.
  7. On October 18, the Los Santos County Fire Department released the new models. Pictured is the new FireHawk going in to collect more water.
  8. Station 7's Open House

    Station 7 hosting an Open House for Fire Prevention Month.
  9. Fire Department Training

    Los Santos County Fire Department New Member and Volunteer Training - Read the entire description before making an RSVP. Sunday; September 3, 2017 at 10:00AM EST Please note that the calendar time automatically adjusts to your time zone. If you plan on attending this training, you MUST have FiveM installed with the User Files installed; as well as filled out the Training Confirmation form at least 24 hours prior to the training time using the attached Google Form. If you need assistance installing FiveM or need assistance getting your hexadecimal, please reference the following video. If you still need assistance, feel free to find me on TeamSpeak and ask for assistance! Adam S. guide to installing user files and getting your hexadecimal. **If you are an FTA and want to help with this training, please fill out the attached form and notify me, as I will update the RSVP number.** **If you complete your training early or are unable to attend, make sure to Opt Out of the training.** The Training Confirmation form MUST be filled out at least 24 hours prior to the training taking place. If you do not fill out the form by that time, you will be unable to attend this training. The form can be found here.
  10. Full station

    That ME van though!
  11. Engine 10 Returning to Quarters

    Engine 10 returning to quarters in the evening.
  12. Walking to Work

    Walking to work at station 2 for the C Shift. What a nice day to start work!
  13. BCSO Tahoe patrol

    Very nice!
  14. Station 2 betwen calls

    Station 2 getting some much needed rest between calls.
  15. Medic 2 Retuning to Quarters

    Medic 2 returning to quarters after a patient refused medical assistance.