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  1. Had a instance last night that had me mad enough to "Rage quit". Was so flustered. I've worked in Corrections for the past eight years, and if i were to treat an inmate the way some of the LEOs have treated my more passivist characters, i would of been attacked. I say "more passivist", because its a little more understandable to give someone who is giving you a hard time attitude, but not Mr. Cho. 

    1. Amos M. Civ-116

      Amos M. Civ-116

      Just had a instance where no cop was behind me at all. I pass a cop right next to stab city and i enter slowly. I get out and walk around for five minutes. The cops come in five minutes later, no lights, no sirens, and get out and start following me on foot. Then then harass me about my ID and Registration, even though im not on a traffic stop. They state they caught me going five over the limit. Lol But they waited five minutes to do anything about it? Some of this stuff is just getting too much for me. Starting to get burnt out. I refused to give them my info and they put me in cuffs. He ran my Plate number and evidently got another "Important" call and stated let him go, thats his car he checks out. (without even knowing my name?) And they sped off to the call.... Fun times 

  2. Been a Senior Civ for a bit now, still haven't seen where i can sign up to learn the fire script! 

  3. Finally made it into a PoleCat Video and messed up lol

    My character on my screen was my Hispanic character, Carlos, but on his screen he was still seeing Judas Oneil. Dang. O well.. This was the taco truck video.


    Mr. Cho finally hit the big screen last night too! Had a blast in the "Cash Cab". Only question that stumped me was the Africa one.

  4. Walked into work today and got Correction Officer of the Quarter! This was my first quarter being here and I got it! Nice! Ya boy found a total of 23 shanks, 7-8 gallons of hooch, three cell phones and some suboxone and tobacco! Been a good quarter.

    1. Bear C. 3C-405

      Bear C. 3C-405

      Good Job Nice to know im not the only CO here 🙂


    2. Amos M. Civ-116

      Amos M. Civ-116

      Yessir! Been down since 2012. Just hit the Feds back in March. I work in TN. Where are you out of bud?

    3. Bear C. 3C-405
  5. Do you think tech support would help me download LSPDFR .4 through Teamviewer, since I'm too dumb to do it myself? lol I'd almost be willing to pay!.. almost

  6. Found me Five gallons worth of hooch and a shank tonight at work! Gotta love Prison life!

  7. Sitting here in the real DOJ-Federal Bureau of Prisons- wishing I was in the fake one RPing with you guys!

  8. Michael,

    So sorry that i missed your training. I have been sitting in the lobby for the past 20 minutes wondering where everyone was at... came back to read and realized it didnt start at 10, it ended at 10. Dang.



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