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  1. Hey, By Any Chance do you know how to Join DOJ RP and where. Cause I keep looking but cannot find it. Plus your on right now so I am asking you if you know.

    1. Adam S. 5S-19

      Adam S. 5S-19

      Applications are open from the 1st-7th of every month, please wait for them to open and check the open applications section of the website

  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is any way of being able to join. I want to be Civilian and Police. But I cant find the place to join at. I need help. Can you help me Sam G.

    1. Michael S.1

      Michael S.1

      Hello! I am not an administrator or anything, but I saw a previous post that said you can find the open applications in the 'Open Applications' menu of the website, however, you can only apply from the 1st - 7th of the beginning of each month. Hope this helped!

    2. Officer_James1112
    3. Michael S.1

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