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  1. do the applications only open on the first week of each month because i really want to be a civ?



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    2. Harrybob


      when do aplcations open

    3. Ryan G. 3C-255

      Ryan G. 3C-255

      Usually on the first of the month. Again best place to find this info is the fan server https://discord.gg/VRTQAHK

    4. Harrybob
  2. Thanks to everyone that came! It was fun!!
  3. @everyone if you still plan to attend, and you haven't already please comment what department, and subdivision if applicable, you plan to attend as. Just want to have a ballpark idea so I can better plan the parade. Thanks in advance!!
  4. You Can't have a movie without Popcorn! I'm sure we can scrounge up some drinks right @Keary S. 5D-303 | C-915

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