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  1. Hi Thomas, I recently tried to apply to the server as I could say that, I appreciate that you reviewed my applicationan and you mentioned that I should try on the next cycle, but I cant find any information about that cycle, so I'm here with a question, when I can try again? When is that cycle? Will I need to think of some other situation or I can copy those anwsers on the next apply which were good as I think? 

    1. Thomas M.1

      Thomas M.1

      1-7th of every month, you can use the same if you wish, be sure to include more effort and detail with those answers.

    2. Zajabyste


      Sorry for disturbing once again, when you said that I may try in the next cycle, so do I need to wait for the next month or I can still re-apply until 7th day this month? Misunderstood this part. 

    3. Thomas M.1

      Thomas M.1

      You may Re-Apply next month.


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