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Julius D. 2L-16

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  1. Nothing like a good-lookin' ghosted charger in North LS

    © Julius D.

  2. New signature 🙂 


    1. Jay A. 7R-56

      Jay A. 7R-56

      very nice, We all like this. (but fr this noice)

    2. Deniz T. F-552

      Deniz T. F-552

      its Hulius not Julius Major Typo 😛


    3. Julius D. 2L-16

      Julius D. 2L-16

      @Jay A. 2L-33 thanks ❤️

      @Deniz T. 2L-200 | Civ-954 yikes, didn't notice. Too late to fix tho, eh?

  3. The Caprice wouldn't even be able to get up the hills to that spot @Deikon T. 2L-191

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