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  1. New signature 🙂 


    1. Jay A. 2L-33

      Jay A. 2L-33

      very nice, We all like this. (but fr this noice)

    2. Deniz T. C-731

      Deniz T. C-731

      its Hulius not Julius Major Typo 😛


    3. Julius D. 2L-24

      Julius D. 2L-24

      @Jay A. 2L-33 thanks ❤️

      @Deniz T. 2L-200 | Civ-954 yikes, didn't notice. Too late to fix tho, eh?

  2. The Caprice wouldn't even be able to get up the hills to that spot @Deikon T. 2L-191
  3. I must say Josh, that's a nice PFD!
  4. Trainers: Lorenzo M., Julius D., Trainees: Alix R., Deikon T., Josh R., Tim A., Will C.,

    © Julius D.

  5. so this is what we're paying you to do...
  6. Although we are sad to say farewell to the Port Caprice, we are certainly happy to welcome the CVPI!

    © Julius D.


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