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  1. Hello, I'm unable to send private messages so I do apologise.

    I appreciate that you reviewed my application. However i've got a few questions, and I assume your the man to ask;

    I'd like to know what I would do for the "detailed scenario" portion. I feel like I set-up a good scenario? The question doesn't really explain this? - Maybe have a template scenario? I understand you want more DETAIL but where?

    Also what is required of the "why you chose the department", as I tried to fill that out honestly, I didn't see the point in writing four sentences on stuff I already mentioned and could cover in just a couple, those are the only reasons.

    I'm not trying to complain that you didn't accept^

    1. ThomasM.


      When filling out your application we look for good detail and effort in all the answers minimum of 3 lines per one, creating a scenario is down to your imagination and past experiences, while remaining professional.

    2. NotWayne


      Can I donate to skip the process? A month is a while for a few lines.

    3. connor1234


      Hey Thomas  I am dyslexic that’s why I am not good at putting in a lot is there a way I can DM you and I can speak to you plz 


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