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  1. Run in a rob the place while they are fighting the fire lol
  2. lol pyromaniac taking pictures of his work
  3. Did you start the fire as a Civ ? RP exploding a meth lab? Breaking Bad hehe
  4. Man what I would give to see you guys in action lol
  5. Marco!.......Polo!......Marco!.....Polo!
  6. Hw looks crossed eye lol
  7. Nice screenshot
  8. Looks like an AMG-GT cool part is that color design is so loud you stand out like a sore thumb lol.
  9. Was the dog driving? reminds me of my childhood Shaggy dog DA by Walt Disney lol
  10. LMAO! would have loved to see how that played out in person
  11. lol that was a funny episode on youtube

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