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  1. SRU - INTERVIEWS I will be holding an interview session for the accepted applicants of SRU. Please meet in the SRU Staff Office waiting room 5 minutes prior to the starting time. Ensure you are on time, RSVP is required. Upon arrival in the waiting room, take a number based on what other's numbers are (starting at 1). There will be 12 spots for this session, do not change your numbers. Sign up for only one interview. Expect approximately 15-20 minutes per interview, per person. Applicants will receive further status on their applications at a later date after further review by the SRU Command Staff. Applicants MUST be listed on the following document to attend an interview: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18ib0M4dSZsjLHcLA99DhQjRnK9P5IwlXEgswk0gb16A/edit

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