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  1. Hey Danny,

    Not sure who to send this to, and since I still can't send messages, I am afraid I have to post here again.  I wanted to thank you for the interview, but at this time I'd like to resign from DOJ.  In the time I have spent on Discord and Teamspeak I have encountered several rude and hostile individuals - only met two people who were civil to me, and just the quality of interaction with the people in the community has been very poor.   Basically, I feel that DOJ is not a place for me to spend my time.  So, if you could do me the favor of having someone delete my profile on here I'd appreciate it.  I've already deleted my book marks to the PowerPoint presentations for the orientation you gave me as well as my info for the Teamspeak.  I did not share any of these documents with anyone.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to join DOJ, but I must politely decline.  


    David S.

    1. Gianni F. C-104

      Gianni F. C-104

      @David S. Please reference the message in your inbox.

  2. Hey Danny,

    Sorry to bother you, but it has been five days and my profile still lists me as an applicant.  Can you direct me to whom I should speak with about fixing that? Or to where I should go on the website to address the issue?  I would appreciate any advice. 


    Thank you,

              David S.

    1. David S. (Ex. C-840)

      David S. (Ex. C-840)

      ^Dealt with accordingly.

    2. Dennis C

      Dennis C

      how long did it take for you to no longer be a applicant.


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