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  1. until
    From the Judicial Services CoC We are happy to announce our first Bails and Warrants Administration Unit Meeting. This meeting will exist out of 2 parts. Part 1: This part is public for everyone to join, if you are interested or have any questions/suggestions/ concerns, feel free to join. Part 2: This will only be accessible for Probationary Unit Officer + This meeting will be hosted by BWAU Supervisor Sam B. JS-005 Please Join the BWAU Waiting room 10 minutes prior to the meeting. The meeting will be recorded in case you can't make it.
  2. until
    We are proud to announce that Judicial Services is going to be hosting its first public meeting Please Join the Judicial Services Meeting Room Waiting Room 10 minutes prior to the meeting. This meeting is open for everybody that is interested in Judicial Services or has any questions.
  3. Did not know we had this 😮


    1. Beau Y. C-212

      Beau Y. C-212

      It's the DOJ facebook! lmao


    2. Sam B. Civ-424

      Sam B. Civ-424

      uooh god xd

    3. Deniz T. 2L-407

      Deniz T. 2L-407

      Am I late to the party?


  4. until

    Will be taking over Comms supervisor role on the event
  5. until

    awesome thanks ^^
  6. Am i allowed to play doj on xbox because thats the only thing i have GTA on


  7. sam am i allowed to play doj on my xbox because thats the only thing i have gta on



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