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  1. It feels really sareal being a Senior Trooper now. WOW GO ME!!

  2. If you need a hug respond to this


    1. SphinxCanada
    2. Carl G

      Carl G

      That looks like my Harly bug about a year ago when she would go to work with me because i couldn't leave her at home cuz she was just a babby 🙂


  3. Yeahh Love our Tech Support UNIT they are the Fantatsticsauce.  Helping me found two dev issues with Open Interiors. I wasn't going crazy


  4. Is hot happy.

  5. I am Carl Griffith. Badge # 29521. Welcome to my Profile.

  6. This is to help me remember what my Badge # is for Patrol Logs etc   29521

  7. @Emily T. 5D-186 | F-768

    I asked you a question on your Profile Wall if you want to answer that here instead of clogging up your wall you can. 🙂 Thanks


    Carl Griffith

  8. Hey Emily

    On your Training..... Witch time is Converted time (EST)   2:30  or 6:30 either time would be great for me.


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