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  1. Hello again, sorry to bother you but i do have a question but im not sure where to ask?



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    2. WHEELSlimShady


      Hey Jared, I was just wondering if once you've been accepted to the server, you have to stick to one character or if you can swap out and change at will? For example if you apply as a CIV Trucker called Bob then want to change to a Cop called David? (Hope that makes sense)



    3. Jared K. C-202 | 5R-812

      Jared K. C-202 | 5R-812

      If you have a reserve in one of the departments and are a part of the other department, than yes.

    4. WHEELSlimShady


      Just to keep things fresh that's all. i watch alot of buggs and polecat and obviously they more or less have a new character per episode.I wasn't sure if this was a one off being that they are streamers etc. 


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