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    Bring your running shoes because on June 12th at 7:00 PM CST, the Events Action Team is hosting a cross country race event on the beautiful Vespucci beach. This race will be hosted by EAT's very own Tejas and Dan. Remember to tell your friends and we look forward to seeing you there! WE HOPE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND, IF SO PLEASE RSVP TO THE EVENT! MEMBERS WHO ARE ATTENDING WILL BE RECEIVING RACE NUMBERS AT THE EVENT. IF YOU ARE HELPING WITH STAFFING THE EVENT, YOU SHOULD NOT RSVP AND PLEASE SHOW UP 30 MINUTES EARLY FOR A BRIEFING. AT THE END OF THE EVENT, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM SO E.A.T. LEADERSHIP CAN FIND OUT HOW TO IMPROVE ON THIS PROCESS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED http://bit.ly/EATFeedbackForm
  2. Polecat and I are the dispatch squad!!!! :classic_cool:🤩


    1. Jason W.  5D-385

      Jason W. 5D-385

      You're Awesome Jared. You make the Comms department proud.

    2. Geogre Madison
  3. Happy holidays and New Years DOJ and DOJ fans. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2019! Love you all! ❤️


    1. Tyler S. 2L-58

      Tyler S. 2L-58

      Happy New Year Jared!


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