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  1. Senior Operator I (C-307) -> Senior Operator II (C-305)

    Thank you everyone so much! :)

    1. Jake L. 3C-31

      Jake L. 3C-31


  2. Today I have been chosen to be part of the L.S.P.D Detectives Bureau as a Lead Communications Agent! This is a new branch of the L.S.P.D Detectives looking to recruit a select number of dispatchers to assist with paperwork and covert investigation. Applications will open in the next week or two, stay posted!

    If you have any questions or you're interested come see myself and/or the Detective Supervisors!

    1. Bryan S. C-308

      Bryan S. C-308

      are those investigations and paperwork actually to be done in game? or can dispatchers without gta V join aswell?

  3. Went from Probationary Motor Trooper to Motor Trooper I today, if I forgot to mention that :P 

    Probationary Motor Trooper ----> Motor Trooper I 

  4. Auxiliary Trooper!!!!!! 


    1. Matt B. CIV-14

      Matt B. CIV-14

      Wheres the civ reserve boi

    2. Kenan A. C-305

      Kenan A. C-305

      Civ Reserve is closed fam! When it opens one day, I will apply!!! :D 

  5. Promoted to Senior Operator I!!!!! 

    I cannot believe it!

  6. Well, I decided to put another profile picture, it doesn't look as good, however if you want to see a nice full screen of it, here ya go :) sMJjPD.jpg

  7. New Profile Picture..... This is what I look like, seriously........

    1. Sam L. C-403

      Sam L. C-403


      Exactly what i like.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! I hope y'all have safe travels and a beautiful time with your family, love you all, except for 1 person......... :P just kidding, and just remember, even if you may not have much of a family, there are always others around in the same boat, so we can all be the Infamous/Ultimate/Crazy DOJ Family, love you all <3!!! Also be advised I'm from Brooklyn! @Chris B. C-306 can attest to this. If that's how you spell attest, pro spelling, don't judge :) Cheers!!!

  9. As of yesterday I'm back from LOA and I'm already back, lurkin and dispatchin :ph34r: