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  1. Happy Birthday to me! Spending it alone in a hospital bed 😁

  2. Do you know why i cant see any opne applications? 😄


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    2. Steven B. 5D-132

      Steven B. 5D-132

      Applications reopen the first of every month. Please feel free to apply then!



      Steven B. 5D-148

    3. Robert Fu.

      Robert Fu.

      Ok thanks for the help!

    4. Steven B. 5D-132
  3. Can you read my application?


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    2. OfficerDumDum
    3. OfficerDumDum


      FTO is a member of the superfamily of alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent hydroxylase, which are non-heme iron-containing proteins. Recombinant FTO protein was first discovered to catalyze demethylation of 3-methylthymine in single-stranded DNA, and 3-methyluridine in single-stranded RNA, with low efficiency.

    4. Steven B. 5D-132

      Steven B. 5D-132

      FTO - Field Training Officer


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