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  1. sorry if this isnt the right place to post this but i was hoping you could clarify somethings for me on my applecations its been marked as lack of effort as the reason it was denied the first time and 2x applications in the same cycle??? What part of the application did I show a lack of effort and what is a cycle please understand that I mean no disrespect and i am genuinly confused here.

    1. Jorge S. 5S-34 | Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-34 | Civ-847

      Please refrain from messaging any members, whether they are in the application team or not as to why were you denied. The reason as to why it was denied is explained in the denial letter. Also, read completely through the entire denial letter.


      Thank you and have a good day.

    2. masonas14


      When is the next application cycle

    3. Jorge S. 5S-34 | Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-34 | Civ-847

      @masonas14 recruitment cycles open the 1-7 of each month


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