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  2. New LSPD K9 Charger with a LSPD Vice Unit
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    The Los Santos Police Departments Canine Division will be hosting an event that will be on Sunday, April 7th starting 8pm Eastern. Please attempt to be early to the event. All LEO Units should attempt to be at the LSPD Canine Office about 10 minutes prior to the event for a full briefing. The division is multi-divisional for the LSPD which means we have requested other divisions to attend the event for certain roles. LSFD will be present at the event and the remaining slots are for civilians. Event Flyer Event Roster Please RSVP after you have both read the flyer AND contacted Bethel L. 2L-71 or Jackson N. 2L-831 (Civ-37) since spots are limited. The event will be taking place in Server 4 If you have any questions about the event please reach out to me (Bethel L. 2L-71 or Jackson N. 2L-831)
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    Planning on being there! Excited to participate!

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