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  1. I said it once, I'll say it again -- yikes.

  2. I didn't even take photos, I was trying to look cool
  3. Pineapples.

    1. Stuart B. 3C-40
    2. Gabe R. Civ-179

      Gabe R. Civ-179

      this is relatable and i agree with you gavin. i'm genuinely impressed with the thought provoking analysis you've provided here, and if it were something I were allowed to commend you for, than I 100% would commend you until the only pineapples left were under the sea.


    3. Gavin W. 3C-80

      Gavin W. 3C-80

      Thank you, @Gabe R. Civ-179; I appreciate your kind words.

  4. Hmm, some shady stuff going on, not gonna lie. *squints*

    1. Jefferson W. 3C-111

      Jefferson W. 3C-111

      *squints and winks back*


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