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  1. Updated 2019 DOJRP Logo along with a brand new DOJRP Media Logo! 


  2. Hey Polecat, 

    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have a good one and I understand if you or anyone finds it weird to put this here but I just wanted to put it somewhere you will see this seeing as your Twitter and discord is probably too crazy to see it 

  3. Hi Polecat324 I hope you liked the Entertainment that I gave last night. Sorry if you didnt like it. I also hope that I dont get hate from it as well.

  4. Hey Polecat, sorry for bothering you but I just want to thank you for the entertainment and help you have given me during my time in the community and on YouTube... you have helped me through some tough times 

  5. aaaa.jpg.e50f9e11b33ebda38e9b0723cc153acc.jpg

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    2. Isaiah B. C-307

      Isaiah B. C-307

      When I want to be xD

    3. Daniel H. 2L-323

      Daniel H. 2L-323

      Depends on what you did, this time...

    4. Carson N. 3C-152

      Carson N. 3C-152

      I love that meme explains a lot lol

  6. Status update...... Me so coool

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    2. Ashley E. 3C-81 | Civ-807

      Ashley E. 3C-81 | Civ-807

      "Ohh, what does this do?!" *presses button* "Ahh...that is what it does...cool!" 🤣

    3. Matthew M. Civ-153

      Matthew M. Civ-153

      Wait we have status Updates? never knew that. Im actually being serious

    4. Michael L. Civ-576

      Michael L. Civ-576

      @Matthew M. Civ-210now you know... they've been a thing for a while 

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