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  1. Updated 2019 DOJRP Logo along with a brand new DOJRP Media Logo! 


  2. aaaa.jpg.e50f9e11b33ebda38e9b0723cc153acc.jpg

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    2. Isaiah B. C-405

      Isaiah B. C-405


    3. Isaiah B. C-405

      Isaiah B. C-405

      When I want to be xD

    4. Daniel H. 2L-422

      Daniel H. 2L-422

      Depends on what you did, this time...

  3. Status update...... Me so coool

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    2. Ashley E. 3C-83|F-825

      Ashley E. 3C-83|F-825

      "Ohh, what does this do?!" *presses button* "Ahh...that is what it does...cool!" 🤣

    3. Matthew M. Civ-153

      Matthew M. Civ-153

      Wait we have status Updates? never knew that. Im actually being serious

    4. Jordan N. 2L-480

      Jordan N. 2L-480

      @Matthew M. Civ-210now you know... they've been a thing for a while 

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