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  1. Vagos gang member stopped
  2. Vagos gang member stopped (pic 2)
  3. Evening patrol
  4. Dash view in unmarked ghost car (Vice)
  5. Hazmat Spill
  6. You are on a roll today with the screenshots.
  7. I have applied for Vice! Now we wait lol.

    1. Frank V. 2L-127

      Frank V. 2L-127

      Made it past initial training, just need to do ride along portion.

  9. lol this is from the suicidal guy in the canal.
  10. 10-11 on a driver with a suspended license.
  11. It's the CVPI for Cadets (PD20 if im not mistaken)
  12. driving through a known prostitution solicitation area...
  13. Making contact with a suspicious person...
  14. Going 10-41/8

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