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  1. Hey Kyle, I can't seem to do anything on the forums, nothings letting me go anywhere where I can see anything.. lol


    I also applied before, but seems my email address was deleted completely out of the system, don't know if I was accepted or not, this was a while back.

    1. Kyle J.2

      Kyle J.2

      Our website has been remodeled and unfortunately everything on the old website has been removed. Everything with applications that happened prior to the beginning of this month is more or less null and void. Applications should be opening very soon, so keep an eye out and re apply. Looking forward to having you a part of the team!! Sorry for any inconvenience, Looking forward to seeing you in game.

  2. i would like to join


    1. Kyle J.2

      Kyle J.2

      We are not currently accepting applications at this time, but we are always looking forward to having more people! Keep checking the Open Applications tab, when we are accepting that's where it'll be my friend.

    2. dust


      please polecat324 i could


    3. dust
  3. i am new on here

    1. Kyle J.2

      Kyle J.2

      Whats going on man, Have you done your interview yet?

    2. Allen G. 5D-460

      Allen G. 5D-460

      Hi Kyle,

      Sorry for piggybacking on this. Are applications open? It doesn’t appear there are any links once clicking the “Open Application” option on the drop down. 



    3. Kyle J.2

      Kyle J.2

      At this time we are not accepting any applications.  Keep checking as we open them usually at the beginning of the month. We just had a loot going on in the last week or so. Sorry for the inconvenience 


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