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  1. Michael,

    So sorry that i missed your training. I have been sitting in the lobby for the past 20 minutes wondering where everyone was at... came back to read and realized it didnt start at 10, it ended at 10. Dang.


  2. I Accadintaly summitet 2 Applicantions something happend towhere I couldent see the first one.

  3. Disregard please

    1. HayWire


      was looking at something incorrect

  4. why did u deny me u 

    1. Michael D. 5D-59

      Michael D. 5D-59

      I have denied you for reason's that were stated in your denial message on your application. I ask that you please refrain from asking any member's of the FTO Department on their profiles as to why they denied you.

      Michael D.


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