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  1. hey mean can I ask you or  talk to some one about something

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    2. Blaise


      Because I want to talk to FTO 

    3. Tyler S. 5D-719

      Tyler S. 5D-719

      Blaise message me on Discord:

      Tyler S. 5D-719 | C-920 |Civ-968 #960


    4. Blaise


      @Tyler S. 5D-719      Blaise#0200 here my discord if you can add me I can not fun you 

  2. I'm sure I speak for the whole DoJ membership when I say that we are all together in wishing courage and happy returns to all involved with what's happening in California.


    1. Tyler S. 5D-719

      Tyler S. 5D-719

      I second you Christopher. Sad days these are. We can still remain strong and pull through like we always do. #DOJ Strong #California Strong

  3. Enroute to a training with two new recruits. #fire-marshals-office #twotter-lsfdofficial



  4. Had the chance of supervising a exterior fire investigation with SFI Nick S.& newly appointed SFI & Traine Jackson W. sunday night. Great working with you all. #FMOFTW



  5. Gotta love the back end of this truck. #FMO 4 LIFE lol