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  1. The Events Action Team is proud to announce our next event: A CHRISTMAS PARADE! This will be hosted by the Events Action Team Where: Server 5 (probably) @ Postal 166/167 When: Sunday, December 23rd @ 1:00 PM PST // 3:00 PM CST // 4:00 PM EST Resources Needed (can vary depending on who shows up): 15 LEO (preferably 5 from each department) 5 Fire/EMS 12 Civilians 1 or 2 Dispatchers (preferably Tactical certified) Parade Route:
  2. That's mainly up to @Tyler S. 5D-719. But yes there will be popcorn and drinks (it's a bring-it-yourself deal however).
  3. DoJRP Movie Night This event will be hosted by either @Tyler S. 5D-719 and/or @Keary S. 5D-303 | C-915 of the Events Action Team The movie of choice is: "The Santa Clause" This will be held in the Movie Theater channel on Teamspeak. Please RSVP if you can attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or message either the host(s) or an Events Action Team Advisor.
  4. The event will be starting in 30 minutes! Please make your way to Server 5 for preparations! Thank you!
  5. REMEMBER: if you're a Civ wanting to attend, please fill out the form linked in the event details.
  6. @Tyler S. 3C-84 | C-920 if that's the case, please fill out the Civ RSVP form.
  7. If you're attending as LEO you can comment so we know who to expect it's optional, however. Same goes for Fire/EMS
  8. This will take place in the Northern part of Los Santos, going from the casino on Vinewood Park Drive to the Siphious Theater on Baytree Canyon RD. We need at least 10 Civilians in some type of pink outfit, vehicle, etc... We also need and minimum of 20 LEO for road blocks and a safe trip from start to finish! Civilians are to RSVP with the form below and LEO will be able to added based on who gets in the server. We do ask that we save spots for those who are able to stream or record this event! Form Link
  9. This event is starting in 10 minutes. Please make your way to Night Club!
  10. I'm getting followers?  When did this happen?!


    Anyways, thanks y'all!