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  1. Hi Matt, due to sudden changes in my familys schedule, I gotta cancel for tomorrows Comms training.  Sorry, this was last minute stuff, I didn't know till today.  I'll try my best to attend the next one.  Though its not marked on the calendar, please let me know when the next one is.  Thx 

    1. Matt S. 7R-25

      Matt S. 7R-25

      Thank you for letting me know! I hope everything is ok and look forward to either seeing you at a different training or seeing you dispatch!

    2. Tyler T. C-303

      Tyler T. C-303

      Yup thanks.  How often is the calendar updated?  Weekly?

    3. Matt S. 7R-25

      Matt S. 7R-25

      Whenever someone puts a training up.


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