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  1. could you look into resetting my account for me please 😕 ive been AFK for to long and need to reset! thank you 🙂

  2. hey man can u help me

    i need to know how to play   

    can u help me man

    1. officermax


      hi my name is officermax and i am a new cop i will be a gang cop high way and police

    2. Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      @officermax Please refrain from messaging myself or any other member of DOJRP. If you want to want to become a member of DOJRP, you must go through the application process. As of right now, applications are closed, but will open the 1-7 of the upcoming month.

  3. please let me try the game my brother told me to get it and idk how to get it right

    1. Gianni F. C-104

      Gianni F. C-104

      @SOFI Please DO NOT comment on our recruitment department members profiles. Your application has been denied and you may reapply next month. Thank you.

  4. how do u get to play

    1. SOFI


      please may i try this game my brother plays and i wanna try it 

  5. Yie did you decline

    1. Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      @Talon Please refrain from messaging anyone in regards to your denial. Read the entire denial letter and see how can you improve for the next recruitment cycle. The reasons as to why were you denied are stated there.

  6. hey man,do you know polecac324



    1. Talon


      Can You asept

  7. Thank you for atleast looking at my app I shall try better next time.

  8. hey i was wondering why you denied me could you send me feed back and sow me how to be better

    1. Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Read the entirety of the denial letter. All the reasons as to why were you denied are stated in the denial letter

    2. masonas14


      thank you i hope to be accepted in net forum :classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin: 

  9. how do i apply for a civ?


    1. kevin mauldin

      kevin mauldin

      thats miss up i got rejected from 3 all ready god noone gives noone a chance im not good filling out forms like that yall dont make sense its not a real job its a game 

    2. masonas14


      Your just saying that because you did not get in so take your business elsewhere or try for the 4 time next cycle

    3. Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      @kevin mauldin Everyone's application is reviewed and upheld by the same standards. We only move forward with the best applicants on to the next phases. This is a serious role playing community and only the best applicants are moved on to the next phase. If you were denied, the reasons as to why were you denied are always specified in your denial letter. Also, please refrain from messaging any FTO as to why were you denied and refer to your denial letter. Constructive criticism is always written in your denial letter which can serve as a learning experience should you decide to reapply to help you improve. 


      @LaikTheSnake You can apply to civ during the 1-7 of each month unless otherwise noticed. Also, you may not reapply to another department in the same recruitment cycle if you were denied in the same recruitment cycle. Check each department to see if they are open for recruiting .

  10. help me delete me account then please

    Application Denied: Dear Applicant, We thank you for your interest in the Department of Justice Role Play Community. We have received many qualified applications for the position. At the current time you were not selected to continue in the...


  11. So when does each recruitment "cycle" occur?? I can't seem to find any info on this.

    1. Gianni F. C-104

      Gianni F. C-104

      1st through 7th of each month.

  12. when is the next recruitment cycle ?

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    2. ggunner03


      sorry to bother you but how do you become a civilian of dojrp 

    3. Dakota


      there should be a civilian department in doj like when ur on this website and you are picking out what department you want to be in



    4. masoncat50000
  13. sorry if this isnt the right place to post this but i was hoping you could clarify somethings for me on my applecations its been marked as lack of effort as the reason it was denied the first time and 2x applications in the same cycle??? What part of the application did I show a lack of effort and what is a cycle please understand that I mean no disrespect and i am genuinly confused here.

    1. Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Please refrain from messaging any members, whether they are in the application team or not as to why were you denied. The reason as to why it was denied is explained in the denial letter. Also, read completely through the entire denial letter.


      Thank you and have a good day.

    2. masonas14


      When is the next application cycle

    3. Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      Jorge S. 5S-25|Civ-847

      @masonas14 recruitment cycles open the 1-7 of each month


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