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  1. Hey teacher said we might get out early i would love to attend but might be like five minutes late

    1. Robert Wa.

      Robert Wa.

      Will be there on time.


  2. Hey Tim, For tomorrows civ recruitment can we push it to a hour ahead from the start time I get out of school at that time but I would love to attend.

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    2. Robert Wa.

      Robert Wa.

      Your fine


    3. Tim M. Civ-137

      Tim M. Civ-137

      soz cant help you out any more bud, ill let you know if anything changes or i do another one down the track (fingers crossed)

    4. Robert Wa.

      Robert Wa.

      Alright thanks, appreciate it

  3. Just for a heads up i will be at the civ recruitment today


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