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  1. Time to go on patrol! More screenshots later 😃0_20190420103926_1.png

  2. Had a great patrol on my birthday. Great ride along @Jared K. C-112 | 5R-804 really had a lot of fun!0_20190419005959_1.png0_20190419005950_1.png0_20190419010442_1.png

  3. Crazy priority today! Shots fired at the lumber yard and multiple officers down. Crazy.0_20190418072043_1.png0_20190418072455_1.png0_20190418080002_1.png0_20190418075027_1.png

  4. Interesting patrol from last night. Sorry for lack of screenshots lately.0_20190417195104_1.png0_20190417200046_1.png

  5. Time for BPS training!0_20190414151356_1.png

    1. Sep T. 2L-200

      Sep T. 2L-200

      Why does ur game look so colourful

  6. Crazy pursuit of a taco truck! Driver tried to steal another vehicle and was tased and beaten with the baton. @David T. 5D-414 @Spencer B. 5S-150_20190414125307_1.png0_20190414124626_1.png0_20190414124616_2.png

  7. Just another boring patrol, figure I get some good pictures before the sun goes down.0_20190414104616_1.png


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