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  1. John S. 5D-48

    Star Wars Trivia

    May the Force be with you, In the Team 1 Star Wars Trivia Event Join us in Other Games #1 channel on Team Speak to test your knowledge Long time fan? Young fan who has seen all the movies? Which ever one you are this event is for you!
  2. until

    No, communication will be over DoJ Teamspeak so, sadly they will not be able to participate.
  3. until

    If you do not have a full team just fill it in as just you and we will assign you to a Team with other free roamers
  4. until
    Events Action Team 1 Proudly Presents, Rainbow 6 Siege Tournament This will be Teams of 3 people going at it in a Secure Area match with single elimination. More info will be released at the time of the event. Please meet in the Rainbow 6 Siege channel at the time listed. Have the Leader of your team fill this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2-adHAWxSm-iSEw36v0SE-0x2y7Cf21J52FlsHY4FwZKz7w/viewform Everyone will be able to stream the event and the winners will get free discord nitro for a month!!
  5. The Events Action Team is back at it again Team 1 is hosting a 10 code game event This will be open to all the members in the community. We will use buzzin.live to test all the members of DoJ on their knowledge. It will not only be on 10 codes but, penal codes and possibly other surprises as well. Join us on this date in the "Other Games 1" lobby on the Teamspeak. Feel free to contact me on discord with any questions! John S. 5D-125#5959
  6. until

    Also, contact with any questions! John S. 5D-125#5959
  7. until

    If everything turns out well, and there is a huge amount of positive response from everyone I am sure it will get administrations attention!
  8. until

    If you are unable to attend in the slotted time period, but are available on the date please contact me on discord John S. 5D-125#5959
  9. On the rare occurrence it does come around, it is impossible to miss. So loud and bright!
  10. Always love the sun rises after the storms.
  11. He is pretty cool, even though you cannot see him in the image.

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