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  1. The Beast!

    Just love my beast when she's clean.
  2. Oh Deer

    Holding the scene while waiting for BCSO Wildlife Rangers to arrive to the scene of a deer struck by a vehicle.
  3. A little too quiet....

    Was a little slow, so I met up with another Detective to go over some cases and run a little radar.
  4. Motorist Assist

    Always enjoy helping the public when in need!
  5. Oops...

    That feeling when you get hit over the head with a bat....
  6. HPIU Running Radar

    This was on the New Years celebration day - I truly enjoyed driving the beast!
  7. Promoted to Trooper 1 on 2017-09-26! Veey thankful for the promotion and very excited to join a sub-division :D

  8. Finally had my first patrol!! Was pretty awesome.

    1. Frank R. 5M-26

      Frank R. 5M-26

      Nice! Hope you enjoyed, it gets a lot better.

    2. Trae M. 5V-50

      Trae M. 5V-50

      Was slow, but still a good time! Thanks Frank.