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  1. Thanks for the feedback on my application, i just wanted to ask, how am i supposed to learn more about the civilian faction before reapplying? I read everything that I could but it's very limited what I had access to, so any point in the right direction would be appreciated. 🙂

    1. Gianni F. C-107 | Civ-853

      Gianni F. C-107 | Civ-853

      @Jimmy Satire Please do not post on the Recruitment Divison members' profiles. 



      Recruitment Staff

    2. Jimmy Satire

      Jimmy Satire

      @Gianni F. C-204 | Civ-953 How am I supposed to learn about what i did wrong if the denial doesn't go into detail, i dont have access to much info, and cant contact the person who denied me in any way. And why am I the only one being told this, I've seen it 3 different times before i posted this and it's what gave me the idea to.

    3. Gianni F. C-107 | Civ-853

      Gianni F. C-107 | Civ-853

      @Jimmy Satire The denial reason tells you exactly what needs to be improved on. We receive hundreds of applications each month which means we can only accept the absolute best applications. We look for DETAIL in appications, 1-3 sentences does not cut it. If you don't have much information, feel free to join the DOJRP Fan Discord and utilize the ask a doj member chat to ask any questions that you may have about your desired department. Keep in mind we cannot answer all questions as some things are not public but we can answer a majority of your questions. We also ask that you DO NOT speak about your application in any way shape or form within that server. If you have any further questions about your application please join the fan server and speak with the moderation team and they will point you in the correct direction. 

      Thank you,

      Recruitment Staff


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