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  1. Hey Polecat, 

    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have a good one and I understand if you or anyone finds it weird to put this here but I just wanted to put it somewhere you will see this seeing as your Twitter and discord is probably too crazy to see it 

  2. Omg Sep big fan

    1. Sep T. 2L-108

      Sep T. 2L-108

      Welcome to DoJ❤️

  3. I love you Josh omg big fan

  4. Hey Polecat, sorry for bothering you but I just want to thank you for the entertainment and help you have given me during my time in the community and on YouTube... you have helped me through some tough times 


    1. William A. 3C-431

      William A. 3C-431

      Here's a sandwich, oh god, don't hurt me XD

    2. Jordan N. Z-839

      Jordan N. Z-839

      Thank you *pulls trigger leaving door only for no bullet to come out and enters salvation army truck*

    3. William A. 3C-431

      William A. 3C-431

      I'm alive! *cries tears of happiness*

  6. "If you put a phone charger in a charger does it become a charger squared?"

  7. You got your view

  8. #Toast4LeadDev2K19

  9. Hey guys hope everyone is having a good time in DOJ and I'm glad to be back. I'd like to thank administration for giving me another chance in the community 

  10. Good luck to all who applied for dev


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