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  1. Oh lord another Michael L. ... at least I'm still the OG on the website 

  2. What visual pack is that I'm trying to find a new one
  3. Thoughts on a 100 lap race in gta online?

    1. Matt C. C-515 | Civ-1139

      Matt C. C-515 | Civ-1139

      Would be down, but, got vacation this weekend and would need to reverify game files so...

  4. Please don't give me disciplinary points I big fan

    1. SFC N.Davin

      SFC N.Davin

      Oh i wonder what il do 😂

  5. all you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

    1. CJ O.

      CJ O.

      alright Polecat lol

    2. Michael L. Civ-409

      Michael L. Civ-409

      Shit how did you know... lol

    3. CJ O.

      CJ O.

      its not hard bud lol


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