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  1. Don’t take two steps forward if you aren’t willing to take two steps back.




  2. Good Evening Master Trooper,

    I have tried the link a few times to do the interview but I continue to receive an Error Host Message. Is there anyway you can assist me with this matter. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.



    1. Colt L.

      Colt L.

      message me on discord.

      profile will be Colt L. 5D-249#9149

  3. Congrats on the promo, Senior Trooper Joshua!

  4. Could I snag a link to the fan discord from ya? Every time i see one it's already expired lol, thanks

    1. boondock427


      Could someone help me out...looking to join but can't find any links or applications

    2. Carlos M. 5S-14

      Carlos M. 5S-14

      Fan Discord: https://discord.gg/FFUuDeM


      And to answer your question Boondock427, the applications open on the 1st until the 7th of every month.

  5. Hey Leo we’re you the fto lead for today’s training I had to go on the last scanerio sadly I was on the last one but had to go and I have to reschedule can u approve that I passed the test and road test

  6. hey why cant i apply for anything

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    2. RobbieMendez23


      Im new as well, can I get a link for the discord?

    3. Carlos M. 5S-14
    4. alpha181


      why are messages disabled?

  7. The people that care for others first are the people's person.

    -Leo S.

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    2. Carlos M. 5S-14

      Carlos M. 5S-14

      Yes. However, I am talking strictly those who work for others, per say as a career.

    3. Tyler E. F-532

      Tyler E. F-532

      So every job? You will never not be working for someone. I guess you could say that some are more honorable than others, like FD vs PD. FD is obviously more respected by the public just because of the nature of job.

    4. Carlos M. 5S-14

      Carlos M. 5S-14

      Lol.. no I'm talking about the general public not general private corporation. Sure, Law Enforcement and Fire are some good examples.


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