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  1. Don’t take two steps forward if you aren’t willing to take two steps back.




  2. Congrats on the promo, Senior Trooper Joshua!

  3. The people that care for others first are the people's person.

    -Leo S.

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    2. Carlos M. 5S-14

      Carlos M. 5S-14

      Yes. However, I am talking strictly those who work for others, per say as a career.

    3. Tyler E. F-532

      Tyler E. F-532

      So every job? You will never not be working for someone. I guess you could say that some are more honorable than others, like FD vs PD. FD is obviously more respected by the public just because of the nature of job.

    4. Carlos M. 5S-14

      Carlos M. 5S-14

      Lol.. no I'm talking about the general public not general private corporation. Sure, Law Enforcement and Fire are some good examples.


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