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  1. Another late night in the forest preparing our newest Rangers for their tour of duty. It is an honor to now be a certified trainer for WLR Basic Training. 


    Are you interested in joining the BCSO Wildlife Rangers subdivision? Visit the WLR office in teamspeak for our SOP, vehicle/uniform structure, and even meet some of our supervisory team! 


    As always, When in danger, call a Ranger! 

  2. Gotta love the new Silverado! Finally get to tow pike around again. Oh, and do not forget the Ranger Trainee's, they are family too! 


    Remember your vessel's safety gear! Check with a Wildlife Ranger for the complete list.



    When in danger call a Ranger! 

  3. New truck who dis? Oh right, the Wildlife Rangers.. 


    When in danger call a Ranger!

  4. A new day,  a new adventure!  🚁



    When in danger call a Ranger! 



    -George H. 3087R


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