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    LSFD Fire Patrol Event The Los Santos Fire Department Fire Patrol is a weekly event where members of the Department of Justice Roleplay Community can experience a variety of scenarios related to firefighting operations and medical emergencies. The event will be on Thursday at 7:00PM(EST). Information pertaining to the event can be found in #fire-events channel in the LSFD Discord. The server is Server 3 and AOP will be Blaine County. Members have the option to choose their Station/Apparatus prior to the start of the event. This will be done in a 10-1 channel approximately 15 minutes beforehand. Core apparatus must be in service and it is recommended that members pair up and/or take ride alongs. Priorities and Signal 100’s should be related to LSFD calls for the duration of the event. An announcement will be made upon the conclusion of the event, signaling the server returning to a regular patrol. All Department of Justice Roleplay Community Rules & Regulations applies, as well as your respective department Standard Operating Procedures and Vehicle/Uniform Structures. This is an active patrol. Resources: 20 Fire 6 Civilians 6 LEO 2 Dispatchers
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    I will be attending as Engine

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