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  1. Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes to everyone for a great 2019! Can’t wait to see what we achieve this year in DOJ! Love ya all 💙

  2. Just finished writing up two new titles and the details for the penal code! (15)05. Illegal Gaming (means gambling but cali call it gaming) and (1)13. Violation of Parole. I have sent this to Baker so hopefully it becomes apart of the penal code very soon!

  3. Hell ya I am attending great idea for an event EAT
  4. Hey everybody I have to wear retainers for a year which means my pronounication is going to be very difficult for me. I apologise in advance and hopefully my pronunciation improves throughout the year with this. 

    1. Vineeth K.5D-469

      Vineeth K.5D-469

      dont worry u will get used to it. It might hurt for a couple of weeks and u will have to rely on ice creams 😄
      i wore for around 2yrs so i know the struggle.

  5. With the new year coming very soon I thought I’d make a post on the possible new improvements for DOJ, feel free to let me know what y’all think 

     also just got one more exam left which is tomorrow 🙂

  6. Oh forgot to say before I go here's a early Christmas present to you great doj members 🙂 https://www.dojrp.com/forums/topic/1778-throwback-photos-from-doj/


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