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  1. Thanks once again to everyone that came out and made this an amazing event! The video will be up on Monday, November 4th @5pm CST
  3. ***RSVP FORM*** https://forms.gle/u5XrGDdkMytR7EMJ8 Good Afternoon, I have decided to create a community event within DOJ that is open to ALL RANKS! I have coordinated with the Media Team to carry out this event on my behalf. This will be a RECORDED event and will be uploaded within the next few days. OVERVIEW: This event will consist of a funeral escort/service for the deceased celebrity named above. The body will be picked up from the Medical Examiner’s Office using the hearse. The funeral home will then transport the casket out to the St. Brigid Baptist Church in Blaine County. There will be a service held to mourn the tragic death of Roger King, including speeches from close friends and family. There will then be an escort of the hearse and any other attendees’ vehicles. The final stopping place will be at the Hill Valley Church/Cemetery located in Los Santos. Here a short service will take place and the burial process will begin. RESOURCES REQUIRED: + Communications: 1-2 dispatchers + Los Santos Fire Department: 1-2 MEO Units (If Possible) + Los Santos Police Department: 2-3 Units + San Andreas Highway Patrol: 2-3 Units (2 Bike Units) + Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: 2-3 Units (1 Air Unit) + Civilian Operations: 12 Civilians (4 Gruppe 6 Members) INFORMATION LINKS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18d46vHL2CkjOO4DH7C06cBKSrCDWyYn1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: * Please reference the attached maps and images regarding the route! * Please meet in the Media Team Patrol Server by 7:30 P.M. CST for preparation! * If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via discord!

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