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  1. hi there! heckin work and life has been a mess. im still here, but i havent had the time to come online here. im moving to pittsburgh eventually so most of my time is planning, working, or being to stressed to play games. 

    i hope to be able to come on eventually! talk to yall later ❤️

  2. apparently the About Me is broken and doesn't show to others, or if it does i cant friggin figure it out, so heres a copy paste!


    About Me

    hi there stranger! im brazy, though i go by a couple different names too as listed below. i do various different things on the internet, best way to see all that is here on my Twitter or my SoFurry, both of which tell more about me personally. dont be afraid to ask though, i dont bite too much!



    "brazy 'birb' seeker"

    brazy is me! well, the normal me that is. if youre talking to me in normal conversation brazy is what i go by. brazy doesnt really like capitalization and is much more casual. dont be mislead though, their insanity runs wide and it runs deep. brazy is non-gendered really and very neutral overall, though primarily goes by female. they are mainly a carrier of other personalities and flip flop depending on mood and enviroment.

    favorite music: definitely kesha. anything high pace. pop, electronic, sappy romance, dubstep even from time to time. dance with me! it makes my heart beat like nuts. always chasing those feels.

    likes: pretty much everything and everyone thats good about the world. socializing. alcohol. learning new skills. life itself.

    dislikes: aggression. confrontation. vindictive people. impatience. drama. politics.


    "Tobias Seeker"

    Tobias is a bit more of a calm character. He tends to keep more to himself. He's the kind of guy that you'll often see driving around alone and looking at the sky, flying a small aircraft if given the opportunity, but always seeming to long for something far in the sky. He's happy to make friends if they're presented but doesn't really seek them out, he's quite comfortable being alone in his own thoughts. He's a gentle soul though, don't be confused, willing to help just about anyone out and give almost anything of himself if he has the right motivations. 

    Favorite music: Folk, Classic Rock, Post Rock, Ambient.

    Likes: Peace and quiet. Commitment. Non-confrontation. Long flights and road trip. Escapism. Long bouts of silence. Nature. Deep metaphysical conversations. Birds.

    Dislikes: Aggression. Being trapped, both socially and physically. Not being able to see the sky for too long. Cities.


    "Rachel Seeker"

    Rachel would probably be certified insane, that is if you could track her down for long enough to find out. Step on her toes wrong and you'd either end up hogtied in a dumpster barely remembering the night before, or tied up in bed with a much more memorable night. She loves to dress pretty and look the valley girl part, looking for a good time, but always keeps her SNS pistol right by her side in case things go sideways. She will drive you up-the-wall crazy for her, then turn around and disappear as fast as she appeared. She never likes to stay around too long, copping feels are dangerous to her.

    Favorite music: Rock, both modern and old. Punk Rock. Every fiber of every song by Ke$ha and P!nk.

    Likes: Crazy off the rail adventures. Getting in kissing distance of death. Toying with boys. City streets and small towns. Mall-crawling.

    Dislikes: Commitment. Being told what to do. Riding passenger for too long. Long boring talks.


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